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What is SoftWave Technology?

Softwave® technology represents an FDA cleared, innovative treatment option for pain management that uses patented acoustic wave technology to activate the body’s natural self-repair process to promote long-term healing and restored musculoskeletal functionality.

How It Works

High energy acoustic waves penetrate deep into damaged tissue which shears the cell membrane making it permeable yet undamaged to fool the body into thinking an injury has occurred when in fact, no damage has taken place.


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This reaction initiates the natural biologic process of repair in which RNA messengers trigger the body heal the "damaged" area. As a result, the body experiences an immediate increase in blood flow, in increase in angiogenesis, and a reduction in inflammation which produces a significant reduction, if not complete elimination of pain and increased mobility.


More importantly, these high energy acoustic waves begin stimulating the body’s natural self-healing response for sustained long-term healing of damaged tissue, tendon, and bone. 

Successfully Treated Conditions

- Arthritis

- Acute & Chronic Pain

- Back Pain

- Bursitis

- Carpal

- Tunnel Syndrome

- Fibromyalgia

- Tennis Elbow

- Joint Pain

- Jumper's Knee

- Spinal/Neck Trauma

- Degenerative Disorders

- Diabetic Foot Ulcers

- Sciatica

- Neck Injuries

- Muscle Sprains

- Nerve Pain

- Neuropathy

- Non-Healing Wounds

- Ligament Sprains

- Post Surgery

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Sports Issues

- Tendonitis

- Knee Sprains

- Muscle Sprains

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Patients experience a drastic reduction in pain after the very first treatment

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Patients say that their pain is entirely eliminated after a complete treatment protocol

Turn-Key ESWT Business Solution

Robust Marketing

As a Certified SoftWave Provider, you will gain access to the Acousana brand and marketing materials to advertise in your office and online.

Hands on Training

We will train you and your staff on advanced protocols and strategies to maximize patient outcomes.

Patient Acquisition

Upon certification, your practice will be advertised to thousands of consumers looking for Acousana therapy on our consumer website.

Advanced Protocols

With over 50+ advanced protocols, verified through clinical and practical studies, you'll have the knowledge to treat the most specific conditions.

Turn Key Implementation

From onboarding to complete implementation, we will guide your practice.

Practice Resources

We will equip you with all intake, treatment, and diagnosis forms, etc.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

SoftWave technology successfully reduces pain and inflammation often times after the very first treatment. You will experience enhanced patient outcomes while also growing practice revenue. With our turn key business solution, coupled unlimited marketing and practice support, we are focused on your success so that you can focus on providing excellent care to your patients.

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