SoftWave® Training & Certification

We specialize in practice training and implementation. We offer a robust training program to ensure proper device knowledge including advanced protocols and patient education training.

SoftWave Training

Our SoftWave training will equip you and your staff with all the information and knowledge you need in order to successfully implement and grow SoftWave technology in your practice as well as have access to experts in the industry who have successfully integrated SoftWave technology into their practice.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain an in depth knowledge of SoftWave technology to better inform your patients of superior treatment options

  • How to combat declining insurance reimbursements by successfully implementing a cash-based modality and grow practice revenue

  • How to conduct patient education events to increase adoption and boost patient referrals

  • How to properly train and incentivize your staff to ensure uniform patient education and to increase staff participation 

  • How to successfully execute your 90 day marketing plan to maximize patient conversion and grow your practice

Training Outline

Device Set up & Troubleshooting

Overview of SoftWave Technology and Benefits

Advanced Treatment Protocol Training

Hands On Treatment Protocol Training

Patient Education & Sales Strategies

Marketing Program Deep Dive

Business Strategy and Implementation

Practice Launch