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Andravive Therapy for Men's Health

​Andravive therapy is a breakthrough non-invasive procedure for ED and enhanced sexual performance that uses patented acoustic wave technology to improve blood flow to the penis and boost sexual performance. Andravive is a painless alternative to other types of therapies and is highly effective and produces enhanced patient with fewer treatments. 


Andravive therapy introduces a safe alternative to ED medications, surgical implants, penile pumps, and injections. While responses vary based on age and underlying medical conditions, 85% of men experience positive results following treatment.

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How It Works

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​Andravive therapy uses patented acoustic wave technology that is delivered into the penile tissue through the skin. The SoftWaves® stimulate the body to open and repair existing blood vessels by breaking up plaque formations while also stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.


This revascularization process restores blood flow and improves erectile quality. Patients experience more sustained erections as well as increased sensitivity due to a process called neurogenesis which is the activation of new nerve tissue.

Successfully Treated Conditions

Erectile Dysfunction

Enlarged Prostate


Turn-Key ESWT Business Solution


As a Certified SoftWave Provider, you will gain access to the Andravive™ brand and marketing materials to advertise in your office and online.

Hands on Training

We will train you and your staff on advanced protocols and strategies to maximize patient outcomes.

Patient Acquisition 

Upon certification, your practice will be advertised to thousands of consumers looking for Andravive therapy on our consumer website

Practice Resources

We will equip you with all intake, treatment, and diagnosis forms, etc.

Turn Key Implementation

From onboarding to complete implementation, we will guide your practice.

Advanced Protocols

You'll have the knowledge to treat the most specific conditions.

Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

SoftWave technology was declared by Urology Times to utilize "Genuine Shockwave" technology which uses patented electro-hydraulic acoustic wave technology. Andravive therapy helps men reclaim their sexual health with no downtime, pills, pumps, or surgery. 


With our turn key business solution, coupled with unlimited marketing and practice support, we are focused on your success so that you can focus on providing excellent care to your patients.

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