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"We made $12K in 3 days from patients already in the clinic."

SoftWave is the ground-breaking regenerative medical technology giving chiropractors a competitive edge and boosting practice profits with its clinically-proven 86% efficacy rate.



10-15 minute treatment times

Instant results

Cash-based modality

Seamless integration

Want to know more about SoftWave and how it’s transforming the cash flow of chiropractic offices while bringing the next generation of healing to patients?

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It's the Regenerative Tech
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SoftWave’s TRT OrthoGold 100 device is a revolutionary extracorporeal shockwave therapy for treating acute and chronic pain naturally. It eliminates inflammation, restores mobility, speeds up healing, and gets rid of pain for good.

How does it work?

The device uses patented shockwaves to penetrate deep into the tissue at a velocity of 4X the speed of sound, causing the cellular walls to become permeable. This allows exosomes to escape into interstitial tissue, which triggers a biological response that fools the body into thinking damage has occurred when it hasn’t. This process then facilitates the migration of stem cells to the affected area and promotes long-term healing. More than 90% of patients report a substantial reduction in pain and restored range of motion after their first treatment.

No drugs. No shots. No surgery. No side effects.

How SoftWave Helps Build a Top-Level Practice

Offer Treatment Immediately. A true turnkey solution, SoftWave is easy to operate and easy to learn. It seamlessly integrates with your practice and aligns with what you’re already doing, giving you an opportunity to expand your service offering and start providing therapy without delay. Full training and dedicated support are provided to ensure your practice succeeds.


Generate Bottom Line Growth Instantly. Chiropractors earn an average of $30K+ in new revenue every month with SoftWave treatments. However, income can rapidly scale to 6 figures depending on the size and capacity of the practice. The device practically pays for itself within the first few months, making it the best kept secret in alternative medicine. Plus, its cash-based model ensures there are no insurance hassles.


Increase Patient Volume Exponentially. With a new modality for providing additional treatment options, you’ll not only be able to help existing patients who would otherwise seek specialized care elsewhere, but also attract new patients with conditions you couldn’t treat before. Treatments can be delegated to a technician, freeing up your time. Additionally, faster treatment times allow you to see more patients, making it a wise investment.


Successfully Treat More Conditions. Whether used as an adjunctive therapy or replacement therapy, SoftWave helps you expand the scope of what you treat beyond spinal adjustments. Reaching injured areas at a cellular level, SoftWave regenerates damaged tissue and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. The device design also lets you access hard-to-reach areas and treat deep acute and chronic injuries.


Produce Better Patient Outcomes. Chiropractors using SoftWave are seeing success in treating both new and old injuries where other treatment options have failed. Instant relief, lasting results, and the non-invasive nature of treatment are producing stellar patient satisfaction rates. Besides experiencing life-changing benefits, patients are able to save thousands of dollars in medical expenses and avoid risky surgery.


Boost Referrals. Phenomenal results and happier patients eager to spread the word inevitably lead to more referrals. With patient recommendations often being the lifeblood of a thriving chiropractic client base, SoftWave can level up your referral game so that your phones are ringing off the hook and your patient pipeline is always full.


Improve Your Practice’s Sustainability. Gaining a competitive advantage in chiropractic care isn’t easy but SoftWave Technology has a built-in one—it’s simply like no other. If scaling your practice fast and maximizing revenue potential without spending more hours in the office isn’t enough of a draw, practices offering SoftWave Therapy continue to see growth despite the uncertain economic climate. It’s unique and it’ll make you unique.

Find out more about what SoftWave can do for your patients, practice, and profits by scheduling a call today.

* For Chiropractors Only *

Proven Effective in Treating an Extensive Range of Painful & Inflammatory Conditions

Neck and shoulder pain

Back injuries

Knee pain


Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs


Diabetic wounds

Bone-on-bone joint pain

Patellar syndrome

Carpal tunnel

Tennis and golfers elbow


Peripheral and arterial diseases

Scar tissue

Pressure ulcers

Post-op pain



Muscle strains

Orthopedic and sports injuries


and more...

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The SoftWave Difference

Hear from Chiropractors whose bottom line has changed for the better after introducing Softwave technology to their practice.


* For Chiropractors Only *

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