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Great Practices are Backed by Cutting Edge Technology and Proven Systems that Consistently Generate Superior Outcomes.

Training & Certification

Marketing & Sales

Practice Support

Who We Are

As an authorized distributor of SoftWave® TRT, our team consists of sales, marketing, training and medical professionals who are driven to put SoftWave technology in the hands of providers in order to better serve their patients.  


With decades of consulting experience and side-by-side learning and training across various specialties of medicine such as, Pain Management, Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Urology, Podiatry, etc… We have identified the processes and procedures necessary for successful practice operation, specifically surrounding the integration of extracorporeal shockwave technology.

We provide a turn-key business solution that includes device acquisition, practice implementation, training, and marketing for our 3 premium brands of SoftWave technology specializing in pain management as well as men's and women's sexual health.

Proven Marketing, Technology, Practice Support, and Training

For each of our premium brands, we provide the following tools and strategies to help you seamlessly integrate SoftWave technology, achieve better patient outcomes, and grow practice revenue:

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SoftWave Technology Training & Certification

Turn-Key Business Operations

Advanced Marketing Collateral

Unlimited Practice Support

Patient Aquisition

Device Acquisition

We Are Focused On Your Success

We recognize that your success as a practitioner is dependent upon achieving successful patient outcomes. We are focused on your success by providing in-depth training, advanced treatment protocols, and a turn key business solution to successfully implement SoftWave technology in your practice.

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